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Its mix and match

Yes ..... When our life begins it's so simple to understand and as it is started to grow confusion begins . We always try to live as per our dreams but we have to choose according to dreams of others from us . We all are unable to stay with ourself only without thinking of others . It may be love or it may be hate . We have not trained our self to ignore which we don't like and do what we like . We are so practical that we suppress the voice of our soul and not even feel guilty for doing something unethical with an innocent person  just for our gains, profits , interest whatever .... So we are searching for peace of mind  . And despite we know the solution of it we are edicted for gazzets draw us to a virtual world and leave alone ...... Just think that gazzets are not our masters , we people are their masters ....
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Dear Life's so simple .

Dear zindagi … An experience of life ..I am talking about a film . You will feel yourself instead of heroin in front of psychologist Mr. Zahangirkhan . You are sitting in front of him telling all about the puzzled life of yours . I learn something very important issue that a small incidence of your childhood which cannot be shared due to little age but ignored by parents of course unintentionally in upbringing can be  big issue in anyone’s life . And it's true in my own life too . Some little things not to be ignored like : Give instructions to elder child to compromise for younger child most of the times . Instead you can also convince to wait for . Never use old clothes of elder child for younger one . As he/she has a right for new one as your elder one. Keep turns for children to satisfy their demands for toys , food,  clothes etc . Give equal importance to each child and hear their talk patiently . For us they may not important but your attention will bring trustworthi

Assured life

Life is  always and unpredictable concept ,but how easily we can make sure not only ourselves but also the world that we know about that for so many years we will be alive.. Do you know what is the proof that is life insurance policy...  I will share an experience of my life once I thought that life will be what I plan I think and taken insurance policy which is having premium of half of my salary per month.Suddenly life changed and I hadto resign from my job and become a full-time housewife . Now we were unable to pay the premium and so asked for surrender the policy . That time we come to know that only one fifth of the premium will be refunded if we do it. For 8 years we managed anyhow by cutting sometimes necessary expenses .to and come to the conclusion .. Then one day I joined 1 private insurance company for training of agent they told us that by hook and crook you have to convince the person and draw a huge amount of premium we will offer you foreign trips also .. Some of the


Sometimes you think that I am not talking about stress as earlier I promised but nothing like that I still remember that I have to say about stress. Be with yourself is the best medicine For stress. But equally it doesn't mean to be selfish that's true. We are always trying to search for a solution outside but solutions are within our self. We never try to service for it within. We are so lazy and codependent on others including Internet and media. That's true that we can avail solutions solutions for our Academics and projects but not for medicines or our mental stress as it differs person 2 person. Suppose I am having allergy from flowers but not my family. It doesn't mean that a particular flower can harm them too. So treatment will be different for me and my family members. I am very strong in mathematics but not in Arts. My younger sister is very poor in mathematics but she is an excellent painter. If someone wants to do that I make a beautiful picture and my sis

Nature :remedy for stress

What is life according to you???? Are you living  it accordingly? We need money for all comforts of life . But we are always being confused between comfort and happiness .Comforts make our life smooth .And happiness makes our soul cool and calm . We can purchase comforts with money but not happiness . Being happy is a concept which differs person to person. It may possible that a person earns millions of money may sad and another person earns few daily wages may stay happy . A very simple principal if your needs are limited your chance of being happy is greater and vice versa. Comforts come from outside and origin of happiness is within . When we look at mother nature ,when we understand nature then only we come to know that God bless us with so many beautiful things and they all are free of cost . Perhaps thats why we never value them . We can make a bulb but not Sun . Its very crucial to be closer to nature for being happy feel happiness from within . You should not try for

Simple things

Your smiling morning makes your day good going  ... A good start is half done . Do you remember that we become like those with whom we spend our most of the time  ... Now a human being replaced by mobile phone a non live object which makes us like a machine  ..We ask for any problems we face in actual life to google  .... Is it a healthy practice ??? A very simple thing for a good healthy life physical and mental both is being punctual in your eating , your wake up time and your sleeping time  ... I know its very hard thing nowadays as it is so simple  ..We are habituated for complications and its solutions that is why simple things are not easily understandable  ... We are having 1 clock inside our brain and according to our habit it reminds us for doing some particular thing  ... Do a simple exercise : please tell your mind after going to the bed for a sleep that please wake me up @ 3.30 am next morning  ...Don't put any kind of alarm  ...and you can see that in the midnigh

Good morning is a start ...

Lets starts with like our day begins  ... What you do very first when your eyes get opened in the bed ?? What is your first thought of the day just after opening your eyes  ... This is a very first step to the way of peace  ... I know you have checked your mobile first ..Your mails ,whatsapp chats and facebook etc . social site's notifications  .... Then check the clock and say : oh once again I am getting late ...!!! I don't want to discuss any thing about all those discussed issues earlier  .. When you open your eyes first give a smile to your face without thinking any thing  ..Your this gesture give you 1 positive effect  ...Then go to mirror  .. Say GOOD MORNING  to your self  and your feeling will be different from all other days  . Instead of picking up mobile just open the curtains on window and then window too  .. Just look at out side the window  ..and observe it without any remarks  . Perhaps 1 bird is flying or 1 squirrel running here and there for food  , 1