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Dear Life's so simple .

Dear zindagi …
An experience of life ..I am talking about a film . You will feel yourself instead of heroin in front of psychologist Mr. Zahangirkhan . You are sitting in front of him telling all about the puzzled life of yours .
I learn something very important issue that a small incidence of your childhood which cannot be shared due to little age but ignored by parents of course unintentionally in upbringing can be  big issue in anyone’s life .
And it's true in my own life too .
Some little things not to be ignored like :
Give instructions to elder child to compromise for younger child most of the times . Instead you can also convince to wait for .
Never use old clothes of elder child for younger one . As he/she has a right for new one as your elder one.
Keep turns for children to satisfy their demands for toys , food,  clothes etc .
Give equal importance to each child and hear their talk patiently . For us they may not important but your attention will bring trustworthiness in parents and build a confidence not only for self but also for family and society too.
Sometimes in case of having special physical or mentally challanged child in the family it's natural that all the attention of the parents are specially drawn to that child and it's absolutely unintentional but it create complex in the mind of normal child that he / she is not having value in the family . In some extreme case child try to harm his or her challanged sibling when parents are not there . Treat sibling as an enemy .
In such situation we should add normal child in care taking process itself .make him / her to learn how sibling can improve efficiency to learn the things around .
One thing we keep in mind a child can learn from another child @ fastest pace . As they can understand each other very simply and so can help .
Last but not least especially in India treat a girl child equally just as a boy child . Because charity begins @ home …..


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