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Merigold ... a bunch of flowers ..


In my previous post I just post some my favourite photographs of sunrise  ..
Do you know that our life is exactly like that pattern in sunrise  ..Each of our mornings comes with different colours and so is the day  .We plan for something to do and at the end of the day we find that what was the day was not expected . Like clouds life takes turns and twist so fast  .There is a very fast struggle within us and after churning of so many thought at last sun rises  .It starts shining with its brightness  .At initial stage the sun is visible but then we lose eye contact .
Exactly in the same way reverse process is started at the time that is evening time ...There is sun set and dark comes to the earth or in our life too  .
Every day comes with its own nights .They are twins  .But if we feel the day with hearty joy then nights becomes cool and calm  .It blesses us with sound sleep  .In the night we are alone with ourselves  and our conscious checks the balance sheet of the day  .None other …


One fine winter morning before sunrise I wake up and that time I just got my first camera . I took these pictures within 9-10 minutes a sequence of 1 sunrise  ..How clouds are changing their colours .
Allmighty is a wonderful painter .I think so ..Are you agree ??
I choose my blog's name from these sequence of colours of clouds ...

Wonderful parents ..

Proud parents ...
Wonderful parents ...
A bunch of expectations parents  ...
This thought comes in my mind just today morning .One lady will go to Canada tomorrow  .Few months ago she returned after completing delivery of her daughter in law there  .Now her daughter in law has a problem of bring up small child with her job .She is expecting a promotion but to concetrate on that study she need a person to look after her child  .
Good very good ..A lady of 60 yrs still performing her duties of being mother and a new mother is passing on her duty on parents now grand parent till today ..A salute to that lady who herself  looked after her 3 children and 2 more children of her relative without any body's help  .
Its trend in name of modern life today .For rat race of modern life you have to run continueously without break  . A big dream should be fulfilled at any cost .A person needs family- children -parents together but the only thing he or she is not having time for them .So they a…


He just switched off his mobile .He got bored from the continuous phone calls since midnight .No body was there in the house . All family members planned to visit hillstation Manali in Diwali days .
But he was not interested that business cum vacation tour .Mom will get busy in shopping and sis will be on her mobile .Dad will try to expand his business .No No he is not a small child .He is a young man of 20 yrs studying last year of graduation .
He planned  to tarrace to sleep tonight ,He stared to the sky  Little twinkling stars without moon  . A cool cool layers of wing was touching his cheeks .He was lost in the music of a silent night .At last he set alarm in his mobile and sleep into deep slip .In the morning he woke up ,got bath ,change clothes and took some packet of dry food with a bottle  .No mobile  . He walked through a road for 5 miles and then diverted to hills nearby  .He liked this place since childhood  .He sat after some time on a big rocks between that river .He jus…

Wishing you happy Diwali .

Today sorry tonight the sky will change its colours .Yes ,a night of dipawali is shining with crackers all around the sky with different colours .The clouds are formatted but with the smoke of fire ...A man made stars are sparkling in the sky  . The joy can be seen on the face of person .Dipawali brings so many greetings for us .We pray for more prosperity for ourselves ,our beloved ,one more stage our city or state or may nation But this time pray for a deep feeling of humanity in side the heart .Forgiveness in side heart .Love in side heart .Self respect in side heart .And openness of mind which passes through the highway of heart .Bring change within will make change outside too .Change vision will bring change to look  towards our problems and solutions and of course their causes too .Make over within will perfectly glow your whole personality .
We have to be blasted within to spread the sparkles like fire works  .
Wishing you happy Diwali .
Cloudcolours going to be changed tonig…


Diwali is the biggest festival of India  ..And every Indian who resides either in India or Abroad , celebrate it wholeheartedly  .There is variety in the way of celebration but a person lives on foot path or in palace both are equally enthusiastic for this festival  .
What is the thing we are searching for in the festival ???
Of course THE ULTIMATE JOY !!!
After the end of these 4-5 days celebration ,ask yourself ,you really get joy ??? are you really happy ???
Perhaps NO is the answer ..WHY ??
JUST 1 ANSWER : We are doing all the things mechanically .Just put messages for Diwali greetings on social webs or mobiles  instead of meeting personally within the city  .Stop sending cards is replaced  by MSG on net  .Going out instead of having lunch and dinner with family members  .All family members are busy in their own groups except old age group .We are in crowd but still we are alone  .We are making contacts gifting articles to each other but…

Enjoy each moment

Oh yes ...perhaps you think why do I write about the childhood ?? Because there is a root of our life . If you put the seeds of wheat in the farm and waiting for the crop of rice then it will be your timeless ,worthless expectations .
With birth of a small child its not a child's development period but its also its whole family's development time .We all are a student for the life time .We learn the things to make learn our child . A young man is converted into father and a young woman  into mother .The role is changed and slowly and gradually responsibility is changed .
Its fashion now a days to read the things all about the growing up of child since a woman conceives it .Both husband and wife start reading books ,search on the net ,consults so many doctors ,sometimes in all these activity they forget to live their natural life and spontaneous joy . A pregnant woman is allowed to live like her doctor's advice .A freedom is not there to do what she enjoys actually . If sh…

Is it so ???!!!

If 1 day someone tells us that we have nothing to do for a whole day . Just sleep on the bed and look here and there withing amazing eyes .I bat that after 2 hours you will just run out of that room .But just think about a child who is unable to move from 1 place to another how can he /she can pass the time .But they are very active .Just pay attention when they are crying ..1 sound is different from another .When they are hungry ,when they are making their nappy wet ,when they are not found their mother around them  .
They acknowledge your presence if they are recognise you now .I just mean to say that if you want to do some thing place ,time ,comfort..these things should  not be barrier for you ..If they can do  just with an ease , you can also do the same .But this is not possible for you bcoz now you are living with your mind and not heart .Even if you are sleeping you are so conscious that your sleep is also restless .
Yes we are talking about a small child - infant child .It is…
A child is so innocent and childhood is very special for all of us right ??? But what a child actually do ??? A child is independent personality but we all treat as a shadows of ourselves always . Perhaps always forget to think that a child has a right to think of its own , and right to commit mistakes and right to rectify it too .We try to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams through a child .
Is it justifiable ???
Not at all . You all nod your head from east to west . What our role in the life of a child then ??? Just watch him . One fact is that a small new born child  also imitate the person in front of him . They never pay attention towards words we speak or make them understand .But they simply follow our actions . So if you are parents then concentrate on your actions rather than commands because the children are not machine like robot .They follow the actions of yours in future ...
So many stories are written for this .We people always are split personality within .

Lets starts a journey

Yes ..
This is a new blog of mine ...I am not habituated for writing in English sometimes you find some mistakes grammatically but plz forgive me for that ...Because I have too much of ideas to share with the world but language should not be barrier for that ...
Stress is the biggest problem to human life due to different reasons but I 've simple and small small solutions towards it ...its so simple to execute ...Sometimes its childish too ..but its necessary ...Try to read it from my next post ....
Thanks to all my readers who appreciate my blogs in hindi and gujarati .......