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Wonderful parents ..

Proud parents ...
Wonderful parents ...
A bunch of expectations parents  ...
This thought comes in my mind just today morning .One lady will go to Canada tomorrow  .Few months ago she returned after completing delivery of her daughter in law there  .Now her daughter in law has a problem of bring up small child with her job .She is expecting a promotion but to concetrate on that study she need a person to look after her child  .
Good very good ..A lady of 60 yrs still performing her duties of being mother and a new mother is passing on her duty on parents now grand parent till today ..A salute to that lady who herself  looked after her 3 children and 2 more children of her relative without any body's help  .
Its trend in name of modern life today .For rat race of modern life you have to run continueously without break  . A big dream should be fulfilled at any cost .A person needs family- children -parents together but the only thing he or she is not having time for them .So they adjust with each other helping each other and what ???
Why ???
Because we never teach our child to be independant in all respect and in right way .You just go through an common Indian family .A man and woman are earning . They are doing all the things for their children . Make a house and extend them for comforts of children on Installment .Father pays installments for the bike of 12th std son .Don't teach to accomodate in public transportation or use bicycle .Take education loan for higher studies and pay other installment .A son and daughter going abroad of course repaying loans too send some money too  .But don't share their time .After some time a house built to live together with children becomes empty with two old aged husband and wife  .They spent their life for children but forget to live for eachother .They don't allow their child to face the problem of real life .They don't make them strong enough to face and survive in any circumstances .They are habituated for every thing instant .
After the age of retirement a man wants to live a peaceful life at home with his life partner and the same is a woman's wish  .But in a race to become ideal parent in old age also they live separately to support  a progress of their children ..Is this justified on the part of children ??Can't they stop the use of their parents in their own life comforts ??Can't they bring up a child with their job ?? Can't they sacrifice their promotion for a good up brining of their child in their own way just like their parents ???
An Indian couple never think perhaps to live for each other at the time of sunset of their life .No one can be a better compenion  than a spouse . If new gen wants a stress less life then they have to compensate there carrier over there life and family  Because any earning is not capable to stop conscious bite in the life later  .
When your son and daughter get married then never interfere in their life .Let them live their life with making several mistakes just like you and give a chance to rectify it by themselves .Let them to face the difficulties for balance the job and family .Let their children know them as how good parents they are .
Yes in the name of duties don't make them paralise and don't live your spouse all alone when he /she needs you the most in the life perhaps more than that new born child ....


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