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Enjoy each moment

Oh yes ...perhaps you think why do I write about the childhood ?? Because there is a root of our life . If you put the seeds of wheat in the farm and waiting for the crop of rice then it will be your timeless ,worthless expectations .
With birth of a small child its not a child's development period but its also its whole family's development time .We all are a student for the life time .We learn the things to make learn our child . A young man is converted into father and a young woman  into mother .The role is changed and slowly and gradually responsibility is changed .
Its fashion now a days to read the things all about the growing up of child since a woman conceives it .Both husband and wife start reading books ,search on the net ,consults so many doctors ,sometimes in all these activity they forget to live their natural life and spontaneous joy . A pregnant woman is allowed to live like her doctor's advice .A freedom is not there to do what she enjoys actually . If she wants to go to small hill and watch sunrise ,there may be fear of some obstacles to fulfill her wish .So from the time a small angel within he/she  is starting to compromise with the life from inside .Its fact that learning process started from within.
That is a natural instinct to enjoy the nine months with heart full joy .But we have forgotten to do it .Just think that animals also have their kids and so birds .Even the countryside people who are not educated they are also having child but how naturally they are going with it !!!! They are just following the rule of nature and nature a form of God take ultimate care of them .All goes so easily nah !!! Sometimes a Fear that something should not go wrong with us will frustrate us so badly that a good going thing is exploiting badly by us .And for bad result we people solely responsible ...
A life is natural phenomena react naturally and enjoy each moment of it without any stress is beginning of stress less life ...


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Dear Life's so simple .

Dear zindagi …
An experience of life ..I am talking about a film . You will feel yourself instead of heroin in front of psychologist Mr. Zahangirkhan . You are sitting in front of him telling all about the puzzled life of yours .
I learn something very important issue that a small incidence of your childhood which cannot be shared due to little age but ignored by parents of course unintentionally in upbringing can be  big issue in anyone’s life .
And it's true in my own life too .
Some little things not to be ignored like :
Give instructions to elder child to compromise for younger child most of the times . Instead you can also convince to wait for .
Never use old clothes of elder child for younger one . As he/she has a right for new one as your elder one.
Keep turns for children to satisfy their demands for toys , food,  clothes etc .
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Diwali is the biggest festival of India  ..And every Indian who resides either in India or Abroad , celebrate it wholeheartedly  .There is variety in the way of celebration but a person lives on foot path or in palace both are equally enthusiastic for this festival  .
What is the thing we are searching for in the festival ???
Of course THE ULTIMATE JOY !!!
After the end of these 4-5 days celebration ,ask yourself ,you really get joy ??? are you really happy ???
Perhaps NO is the answer ..WHY ??
JUST 1 ANSWER : We are doing all the things mechanically .Just put messages for Diwali greetings on social webs or mobiles  instead of meeting personally within the city  .Stop sending cards is replaced  by MSG on net  .Going out instead of having lunch and dinner with family members  .All family members are busy in their own groups except old age group .We are in crowd but still we are alone  .We are making contacts gifting articles to each other but…