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He just switched off his mobile .He got bored from the continuous phone calls since midnight .No body was there in the house . All family members planned to visit hillstation Manali in Diwali days .
But he was not interested that business cum vacation tour .Mom will get busy in shopping and sis will be on her mobile .Dad will try to expand his business .No No he is not a small child .He is a young man of 20 yrs studying last year of graduation .
He planned  to tarrace to sleep tonight ,He stared to the sky  Little twinkling stars without moon  . A cool cool layers of wing was touching his cheeks .He was lost in the music of a silent night .At last he set alarm in his mobile and sleep into deep slip .In the morning he woke up ,got bath ,change clothes and took some packet of dry food with a bottle  .No mobile  . He walked through a road for 5 miles and then diverted to hills nearby  .He liked this place since childhood  .He sat after some time on a big rocks between that river .He just looked to the scene around : big trees ,sloppy hill ,and different birds singing the songs in their own languages . He started walking again .
He was near a very tiny village of just 15- 20 huts .Woman was cooking with the helps of wooden sticks in mud containers .Small goats grazing around .A small boy was playing flute sitting on a tree .A totally different atmosphere from his city .Completely peaceful . He requested a old man to allow to stay there overnight .That kind person allowed him to do so .He heard about the life of those so called illiterate people .They hadn't facility of even electricity but their heart were full of light .
He slept on a bed of jute without pillow and felt that soundest sleep of his life .He had seen that without any facility their life is so natural .No regrets for life .No competition at all .They spent their lives by helping each other instead of pulling legs of each other .There was a touch of actual life not virtual one .
He got a click an idea .
Very next morning he returned to home .After 6 months there was a school building  for those  villagers and an Ashram nearby .That was a source of income to run the school . An ashram is a one kind of hotel but here you have to live in hut without electricity . No mobiles or T V .,No cars allowed in that area .A life with nature .
But nobody found that ashram without tourists for one single day .Booking is available after six months only .
A person comes here can't describle the experience of peace feels here .
But the very next day after returning to home they all join a rat race .Mr. John advises his son to opt the subject of clinical psychology for advance studies .Because he strongly believes that in coming years scope for psychologists will be above all professions ...


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A child is so innocent and childhood is very special for all of us right ??? But what a child actually do ??? A child is independent personality but we all treat as a shadows of ourselves always . Perhaps always forget to think that a child has a right to think of its own , and right to commit mistakes and right to rectify it too .We try to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams through a child .
Is it justifiable ???
Not at all . You all nod your head from east to west . What our role in the life of a child then ??? Just watch him . One fact is that a small new born child  also imitate the person in front of him . They never pay attention towards words we speak or make them understand .But they simply follow our actions . So if you are parents then concentrate on your actions rather than commands because the children are not machine like robot .They follow the actions of yours in future ...
So many stories are written for this .We people always are split personality within .

Dear Life's so simple .

Dear zindagi …
An experience of life ..I am talking about a film . You will feel yourself instead of heroin in front of psychologist Mr. Zahangirkhan . You are sitting in front of him telling all about the puzzled life of yours .
I learn something very important issue that a small incidence of your childhood which cannot be shared due to little age but ignored by parents of course unintentionally in upbringing can be  big issue in anyone’s life .
And it's true in my own life too .
Some little things not to be ignored like :
Give instructions to elder child to compromise for younger child most of the times . Instead you can also convince to wait for .
Never use old clothes of elder child for younger one . As he/she has a right for new one as your elder one.
Keep turns for children to satisfy their demands for toys , food,  clothes etc .
Give equal importance to each child and hear their talk patiently . For us they may not important but your attention will bring trustworthiness…

Good morning is a start ...

Lets starts with like our day begins  ...
What you do very first when your eyes get opened in the bed ?? What is your first thought of the day just after opening your eyes  ...
This is a very first step to the way of peace  ...
I know you have checked your mobile first ..Your mails ,whatsapp chats and facebook etc . social site's notifications  .... Then check the clock and say : oh once again I am getting late ...!!!
I don't want to discuss any thing about all those discussed issues earlier  ..
When you open your eyes first give a smile to your face without thinking any thing  ..Your this gesture give you 1 positive effect  ...Then go to mirror  .. Say GOOD MORNING  to your self  and your feeling will be different from all other days  . Instead of picking up mobile just open the curtains on window and then window too  .. Just look at out side the window  ..and observe it without any remarks  . Perhaps 1 bird is flying or 1 squirrel running here and there for food  , 1 vehicl…