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Is it so ???!!!

If 1 day someone tells us that we have nothing to do for a whole day . Just sleep on the bed and look here and there withing amazing eyes .I bat that after 2 hours you will just run out of that room .But just think about a child who is unable to move from 1 place to another how can he /she can pass the time .But they are very active .Just pay attention when they are crying ..1 sound is different from another .When they are hungry ,when they are making their nappy wet ,when they are not found their mother around them  .
They acknowledge your presence if they are recognise you now .I just mean to say that if you want to do some thing place ,time ,comfort..these things should  not be barrier for you ..If they can do  just with an ease , you can also do the same .But this is not possible for you bcoz now you are living with your mind and not heart .Even if you are sleeping you are so conscious that your sleep is also restless .
Yes we are talking about a small child - infant child .It is a fact that in first three years of life our speed of learning is at its highest speed .We just live for the whole life what we have learnt in first five years .
These 5 years we don't go to school  .We cannot differentiate between good or bad things ourselves ,But we observe from the people with whom we are living .We don't know how to express but the pictures of various situations are captured in our mind which guide us for the life time .
In present we are so dependant on the mobile phones and computers for each and every thing we look for .But a small child is never thinking of usefulness or uselessness of the things .They just get pure joy in doing it  .That is the important difference between them and us .We are looking for a support always .And for whom we think that they are fully dependant on us for their life ,they are having fully independent thought of their own ...
So I conclude for today ..See you in next post ..Take care ...


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Dear Life's so simple .

Dear zindagi …
An experience of life ..I am talking about a film . You will feel yourself instead of heroin in front of psychologist Mr. Zahangirkhan . You are sitting in front of him telling all about the puzzled life of yours .
I learn something very important issue that a small incidence of your childhood which cannot be shared due to little age but ignored by parents of course unintentionally in upbringing can be  big issue in anyone’s life .
And it's true in my own life too .
Some little things not to be ignored like :
Give instructions to elder child to compromise for younger child most of the times . Instead you can also convince to wait for .
Never use old clothes of elder child for younger one . As he/she has a right for new one as your elder one.
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Of course THE ULTIMATE JOY !!!
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When you open your eyes first give a smile to your face without thinking any thing  ..Your this gesture give you 1 positive effect  ...Then go to mirror  .. Say GOOD MORNING  to your self  and your feeling will be different from all other days  . Instead of picking up mobile just open the curtains on window and then window too  .. Just look at out side the window  ..and observe it without any remarks  . Perhaps 1 bird is flying or 1 squirrel running here and there for food  , 1 vehicl…