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Sometimes you think that I am not talking about stress as earlier I promised but nothing like that I still remember that I have to say about stress.
Be with yourself is the best medicine For stress. But equally it doesn't mean to be selfish that's true. We are always trying to search for a solution outside but solutions are within our self. We never try to service for it within. We are so lazy and codependent on others including Internet and media. That's true that we can avail solutions solutions for our Academics and projects but not for medicines or our mental stress as it differs person 2 person. Suppose I am having allergy from flowers but not my family. It doesn't mean that a particular flower can harm them too. So treatment will be different for me and my family members. I am very strong in mathematics but not in Arts. My younger sister is very poor in mathematics but she is an excellent painter. If someone wants to do that I make a beautiful picture and my sister can do a lot of mathematical exercise then what will be the result?? Yes you are right that both of us are a big failures . So it is very necessary to know first of all strength and weakness of self thereafter only we can search for appropriate remedy for stress.
But what happened in actual life we constantly compare our self with others and find that we are losers. And that is the biggest mistake of us . No I am not by the good painter but I am good student of mathematics. This feeling can make be confident that I am also a good student. I am not useless for society. This confidence make me understand that if I try again and again I can draw a beautiful picture to. Tell me where is stress??? Or I will think otherwise that I am not good painter that is not a big deal. We are in a rat race. If someone Excel in particular field we immediately starting chasing him or her without knowing our own pros and cons. This is very big mistake and this is the main reason of our failure. World is very big and so opportunities are. If we know our self first then we can find out suitable opportunity for self. So chances of failure will be minimised and so the stress is.
We will discuss the same next time until then goodbye.


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